Jan 26, 2013


“A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour.” That’s the definition of the word of psychopath from Oxford Dictionary. Thiz movie comes from the Directors of “In Bruges” (2008) Martin McDonagh. McDonagh is the kind of Director who can make an effective black comedy with roller coaster storyline and interesting characters. He also shows promising signs of becoming one of the cult movie Directors. The story revolves around a psychopathic screenwriter (Colin Farrell) whose seemingly nice girlfriend is a psychopath (Abbie Cornish), makes friends with a psychopathic dog kidnapper (Sam Rockwell) and his psychopathic assistant (Christopher Walken) who unfortunately stole a shih tzu which belongs to a psychopathic gangster (Woody Harrelson) whose unfaithful girlfriend is also a psychopath (Olga Kurylenko). Meanwhile it’s also about a mysterious psychopath (Tom Waits) who carries a white bunny all the time. Well, I just used the word “psychopath” so many times. If you feel confused, it may be true. The first 30 minutes of the movie will probably make you confused. If you feel it’s kind of weird, yes, the movie is very weird and comedic as well. The dialogue is interesting and alive. Everything just flows to the right direction. And I almost feel like there is a time when thiz movie criticizes itself. The three main characters are amazing. Let’s start with Colin Farrell. Farrell depicts an alcoholic screenwriter who looks like a peace lover but sometimes looks more like a coward in many situations. It’s great to see Colin Farrell can bring a different kind of character. And the next one is Sam Rockwell who rocks pretty well. Rockwell’s character is the one who sets fire in thiz field of gasoline. He looks confident and believable. People can hate his character but surely will love his performance. Personally, Sam Rockwell’s performance is the best performance in thiz movie. Last but not least, it’s Christopher Walken. Walken goes back to his roots, bringing an eccentric character, it simply reminds me what he is good at, just like the old times when he triumphed in “True Romance” (1993), “Last Man Standing” (1996) or “Kill the Irishman” (2011). Thiz movie just made me realize that all thiz time, most of my favorite movies has psychopathic characters in them, such as “Pulp Fiction” (1994), “Fight Club” (1999), “Trainspotting” (1996), “True Romance” (1993), “Natural Born Killers” (1994) and many more. Just because we like movies about psychopaths doesn’t mean we are also psychopaths, right? Or are we?

Stars : 7/10
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Jonny Fendi

"You didn't think I was serious just because I carry a rabbit around?"

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