Apr 30, 2012


I just simply love it! Welcome to the world of Studio Ghibli! If you are familiar with thiz famous studio in Japan, by any chance you must have seen “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988), “Princess of Mononoke” (1997), “Spirited Away” (2001) or my favorite anime “Ponyo” (2008). Hayao Miyazaki is the mastermind behind those respectable masterpieces. Thiz time he hands over the directing to his experienced Key Animator, Hiromasa Yonebayashi. 14-year-old Arrietty, mother and father are four-inch-tall people who live in another family residence. The family fulfils their daily needs like bread, sugar, tissue and other things by borrowing them. There is a heart-kinded boy named Shou, just moves into the house and something is going to change forever. The voice Actors are Mirai Shida (Arrietty), Tomokazu Miura (Pod, the father), Shinobu Ohtake (Homily, the mother) and Ryûnosuke Kamiki (Shou). In UK version, the character Arrietty is voiced by Saoirse Ronan. Our mood has been set up to feel the tenderness from the very first moment, the car driving to the house is beautifully described with uplifting music, it reminds me of the opening scene in “Spirited Away”. The classic hand-drawn animation is at its best. Thiz movie is just like all the other Studio Ghibli productions, it’s filled with beauty, elegance and plenty of lovable characters. The details is unbelievably accurate, the sunshine, the rain, the wind blowing, everything is well-crafted. Thiz movie is not an ordinary animation but it’s actually a drama in animated form with more mature standpoint. There are a lot of hearts there. See all over every scene, we will have very friendly experiences and down to earth feelings. You will easily find sensitive humanity theme behind it. If nowadays most people go with Pixar. Myself, I’m always looking forward for Studio Ghibli productions. I saw you, Arrietty! And I kind of loved it!

Stars : 7,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

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