Jul 20, 2010


An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can do anything. That’s what the Director Christopher Nolan wants to resuscitate us. I'm amazed by Nolan who could always tell such a complicated story smoothly. He already proved his capability on his previous works like “Batman Begins” (2005), ”The Dark Knight” (2008) and sophisticated magician's tale in “The Prestige” (2006). But I prefer to compare thiz one with his earlier masterpiece “Memento” (2000). What he was good at, not just a great storyteller (I think he is the best in our generation) but he always made a brilliant twist and turn in every ending of his stories. “Inception” consists of multi layer storytelling which is tremendously executed well, precise what we saw on “Memento”. “Inception” is simply a bigger scale of “Memento”. The story tells how Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team could invade to people’s minds through their dream and Cobb’s job is to steal it, or plant a new one. In my notes, DiCaprio’s performance isn’t better than his appearance in ”Shutter Island” at early thiz year, but it is definitely not a bad one either. Once again, he is success with his script selections and delivers some constant performances. Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy also provide amazing performances. Both of them had just shown their extraordinary performances in “Peacock” (2010). I have to say Murphy brings one of the best performances for overall. But the best appearance belongs to Marion Cottilard as Cobb’s vulnerable wife. The other supporting Cast members are terrific, filled with the heavy caliber Actors such as Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe and Michael Caine. The side story about the dark past of Cobb and his wife draws my attention. The chemistry and that background story are one of the interesting parts from thiz movie. I could easily say, “The Folding City” and “Revolving Room” scenes will be one of the memorable moments in cinematic history. Thiz time, Nolan takes us to his dream where an idea becomes seed of possibility. A great opening, a nice built concept for the main plot and deceitful twist of ending, that’s all we need for new level of ingenious movie. Simply, experience your life through dream.

Stars : 9/10
Experience your life through movee :>
Jonny Fendi

"I can access your mind through your dreams."


  1. Salah satu film terbaik tahun ini, cuman gua masih ngejagoin Toy Story 3 nih gak tau napa.. he

  2. Setuju, bro,.. kalo kategory Animation, "Toy Story 3" keliahatannya sulit dikalahkan tahun ini :)

  3. Anonymous8:53:00 PM

    inception left a mark, in my heart and mind.
    nolan had succeeded in planting his idea on my mind. to be honest, this brilliant movie in such an extraordinary way, creating lots of mysteries...

  4. @Angrod Vardamir: Yep, Nolan is the type of smart Director that will never give you even a single space of breathing room and make you to not stop thinking during every scene. Btw, your comment is a good one, though :)

  5. "Inception" is an excellent and breathtaking movie that may be one of the only films released so far during the Summer of 2010 that lives up to its hype.