Sep 14, 2010

HEAR ME (2009)

How do you express your love to someone dear? Thiz movie teaches us how to get through all the boundaries and speaks only from our heart. I went to see thiz film without any expectation. But surprisingly it becomes a spell-binding movie. The Director Fen-fen Cheng makes a directorial debut through thiz Taiwanese Romantic Comedy. It’s about a delivery boy Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng) who falls in love with hearing impaired girl named Yang Yang (Ivy Chen). Without any difficulty, both of them can communicate easily, although using sign language. The Cast members are not just good-looking, but they deliver some dazzling performances as well. The story also revolves around Yang Yang’s sister, Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen) who is pursuing her dream to become paralympic swimmer. Most of the times, the scenes are filled with mute dialogue and silentness. I am amazed every time I watch thiz unique couple talk to each other with their sign language, how their hand movements and face expressions interact more effective than our daily language. Meanwhile, the comical interaction between Tian Kuo and his parents is one of hilarious parts in thiz movie. Thiz is definitely not a shallow love drama, but it’s also an inspiring story about dreams and aspirations. There are some melancholic and heart-touching scenes, particularly in one of the scenes when Yang Yang and her sister remind each other among their desperation, how hope should always be there to light up their life. The movie confidently teaches us, how we should appreciate every single hard work that is done by someone, where every penny has its worth and value. A beautiful drama speaks loud and clear beyond words. The sound of love is perfectly captured. I hear you clearly ^_^

Stars : 7/10
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  1. Hear me is one of light-hearted romantic teen movie from Taiwan. Wonderful movie that I really enjoyed. The male lead character was more expressive in nature.