May 13, 2010


Four legendary slash icons were born in 1980s, they are Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th), Michael Myers (Halloween), Chucky (Child’s Play) and the deathly claws Freddy Krueger. At a glimpse on the trailer, I expect thiz new reboot will reveal the origin of mysterious Freddy’s figure. Far from the expectation, thiz flick straightly becomes the nightmare itself. If you have ever seen previous Freddy’s movies then you really can skip thiz one. Thiz is the ninth movie that brings Freddy back to his series killing acts (1984-2003), including Johnny Depp’s first appearance in the first movie. The movie is a directorial debut by Samuel Bayer who is best known as Music Video Director. Robert Englund who played Freddy back to back in previous movies, now is replaced by Jackie Earle Haley. At a glance, Haley seems to be a suitable choice to play thiz character. Although for the physical appearance, Englund is obviously taller than him. The Cast members are Rooney Mara, Thomas Dekker, Katie Cassidy and many more. Unfortunately, they cannot provide a decent storyline. There is no creativity to bring something fresh. Everything is rip-off from previous movies. It’s always about a group of teens is slashed one by one until the last one. The origin of Freddy doesn’t reveal something new here (Spoiler Alert!), as we knew he was a child molester who was burned alive as his punishment. There is famous scene from thiz franchise, the victims know they cannot fall asleep, but in the end they always don’t realize that they are already in Freddy’s nightmare. Thiz scene which I talk about it is told repeatedly over and over again although with various conditions. It’s very exhausting to spend your time for these monotone events. You could probably fall asleep even before thiz nightmare starts yet.

Stars : 4/10
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