Apr 17, 2010


The last Bible on earth! Thiz topic is expected to be controversial, but eventually most people do not take it too seriously. In thiz post apocalyptic future, Eli (Denzel Washington) has a mission to protect a book by walking to the west, somewhere he believes that the book will be preserved eternally. That mysterious book is so important that holds the destiny of all human who are still alive. Actually the story is smoothly told by Allen and Albert Hughes who also directed “From Hell” in 2001. The story starts slowly in the beginning. And later, it successfully makes us stay in our seat by holding up the curiosity about what happens next. The book which is the core of thiz movie, in my opinion it is not supposed to be revealed so early and obvious. I think we will comprehend by itself through all the conversations and dialogue all over the movie. If the story doesn’t mention about what book is that, it will creates more successful mysterious elements. The twist ending sparks a little bit by revealing why the book cannot read by anybody except Eli. Denzel Washington has shown another side of his acting. Thiz modern “Sidney Poitier” always amazes us. On the other side, once again Gary Oldman has shown us what he does best by playing a convincing villain. And finally, Mila Kunis performance can be replaced by anyone. The movie reminds me of other dark post apocalyptic movies like the trilogy of “Mad Max” (1979-1985) or “Waterworld” (1995). But in thiz movie, the settings are too simple. There are no big scenes we could remember, even it looks like a classic cowboy movies. There are a few fresh scenes that involve an elderly couple. One of them is played by Michael “Dumbledore”Gambon. There are so many post apocalyptic movies have been made. Thiz time is about the last shampoo on earth. It’s not like what we expected but it still rings my bell a little bit.

Stars : 6,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

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  1. I was disappointed with Denzel Washington in this film. He did his best but the plot is below standard. The photography was great and therefore I think it’s worth seeing. Wait for the DVD.

  2. Yes, buddy. Denzel showed his best, but it’s not kind of movie that he should involve in. I missed his previous movies like “Training Day”, “The Manchurian Candidate” or “Crimson Tide”, which emphasized him as a great Character Actor =)Thanks for visiting My Blog, hope you will come again.

  3. Yaps agreed..The movie was not kind of Denzel Washington. On the other hand, “Training Day”, “The Manchurian Candidate” or “Crimson Tide” was very good movies did by him..love watching it anytime.