Feb 13, 2010


Watching old John Travolta running, hopping, and climbing is very refreshing. It looks like he’s trying to become “Bourne”! Thiz espionage thriller is directed by Pierre Morel, the man who is known as creditable Cinematographer behind “The Transporter” (2002), Something’s Gotta Give” (2003) and “Unleashed” (2005). In my point of view, Morel’s action scene is always excessive and it’s kind of hard to believe to happen in real situation, although it’s still entertaining. His previous directing credits are “District 13” (2004) and “Taken” (2008). In thiz action adventure, Travolta is accompanied by Jonathan Rhys Meyers who once again shows his skill by speaking Chinese language fluently in one of the scenes. The script has some potential elements to be developed. The story is about an US ambassador assistant (Rhys Meyers) who is tasked to escort a special agent (Travolta) in some mysterious mission. Later, thiz mission also involves the fiancée (Kasia Smutniak) of Rhys Meyers’s character. In my notes, thiz movie has some weaknesses on the storytelling, by spoiling too much on its surprising elements. I already have a feeling where thiz story might goes, even in the early scenes. The elements are too obvious to notice (Spoiler Alert!), because the character is played by unknown Actress and shares too much screen even in the beginning. One of the scenes, when Smutniak’s character waves goodbye to her fiancé (Rhys Meyers), that scene is underlined too obvious and the duration is too long as well, At that very moment, it instantly makes us think she could be a bad guy. Or just simply, if you sensitive enough, you could already find out by the title itself!

Stars : 6,5/10
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