May 24, 2011


If you think you can make another version of “Twilight” (2008) only by combining two good-looking teen idols in one screen, you’re completely wrong. Alex Pettyfer is John Smith, a mysterious boy who possesses extraterrestrial power in his hand. With his protector Henri (Timothy Olyphant), they look like father and son but beneath it all they are aliens in human form, sought by a group of evil alien that called Mogadorian. Meanwhile, in his refuge Alex meets and falls in love with an ordinary girl named Sarah (Played by Glee’s sensation, Dianna Agron). Initially, I thought it would be some kind of a romance with actions. Instead of that, it turns out to be pure action with a romantic background. The chemistry between Alex and Sarah actually went pretty smooth, but the proportion is too brief and not intense at all. The Director is D. J. Caruso who is well-known for "Disturbia" (2007) and "Eagle Eye" (2008). After one or two scenes in the beginning, the movie atmosphere reminds me of one of those “Smallville” TV series (2001-2011) which including the setting, the characters and the conflict. Most of the action scenes are good enough to watch, even though without any comprehensive explanation. Previously, I thought the Number Six character who is described as a sexy and energetic girl will be the scene stealer (played by my favorite rising star, Teresa Palmer). As a matter of fact, her character is too minor and there is an impression that she is just a mere sweetener. At the end, the movie is closed by a situation that opens a possibility of potential sequel. In summary, thiz is not a movie that you want to spend 100 minutes of your precious time. Unless, you are 16-year-old teen who is interested to watch thiz kind of movie, then you have to go to see it as soon as possible, before your friends have watched it first. For me, Thiz movie is definitely not a number one.

Stars : 5/10
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