Nov 20, 2010

SKYLINE (2010)

What can I say is 9 for the trailer and 4 for the movie. I have to give the intriguing trailer a big round of applause. If you have seen the trailer before, I can guarantee that you will be so bloody curious to watch the movie itself (exactly what happened to ”Clash of the Titans” earlier thiz year). They edited the trailer so well. But the fact is something so wrong is going on. Next thing I can say is A-Class Special Effects collides with C-Class Actors. The movie is directed by Special Effects experts, Colin and Greg Strause who also directed “AVPR: Aliens VS. Predator-Requiem” (2007). The premise is mysterious at the beginning, one night at 4:27 AM blue strange beams appear on the City of Los Angeles. It is the first initial of the extraterrestrial invasion. The storyline only follows one point of view (just like “Cloverfield” in 2008). The movie is focus on a group of people. They are Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Donald Faison, David Zayas and others. There is a scene that I think it is a rip-off from “War of the Worlds” (2005), when Terry meets a stranger and then a group of aliens sneak around to hunt them with its long and creepy tentacles. The last thing I can say is the sky is wreck and the line is flat. Approaching the end of the movie, the storytelling becomes more and more poignantly absurd. For example (Spoiler Alert!), the octopus look-alike alien which could chase and destroy jet aircraft and even sophisticated Stealth fighter jet, can be easily defeated only by an ax! Strause brothers are really getting into on my nerves, while they underestimate our intelligence with their absurd story. Unfortunately, there are several of them. However, there is something that you may not realize. Everyone and most critics think that thiz movie is a monstrous failure, but what you might do not realize that thiz movie was only made by $10 million budget. The fact is they make some real money here. The tagline on thiz movie is “Don’t look up.” well, don’t even look at the film itself. Next time if aliens invade the theaters like thiz again, I will rather go home and sleep on my bed. Don’t waste 92 minutes of your life!

Stars : 4,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Yeah well you shoulda thought about that when you shot the piece of shit."


  1. Anonymous8:46:00 PM

    wheww, quite daring comment you gave jonny. but to tell u the truth, i myself quite agree with u, this film was odd. but i didn't like the trailer, just another alien s**t movie. they invade, we fight back, and survive without any logical explanation why on earth all of that happened. and i found similarities or connections with another alien movie like war of the world (the hunter / scout alien unit with tentacles were so look-a-like the one in war of the worlds), district 9 (the alien monster movement were so familiar), cloverfield (with the one point of view even it's not the same), and ID4 (the main story and what controls it such as the brain or another living thing in it). i like the action scenes by the way, but too bad, the rest were all crap!
    bad story, bad characters, bad casts, bad detail and bad ending.
    actually this kind one point-of-view filming in alien movies quite rather popular lately and i kinda like it, it's close to reality of the situation, to bring the ambience, the fear, the mystery, and the unknown and uncertainty of many things.
    well, skyline sucks, as they tried hard to combine all the previous alien movies. my favorite alien movies would be cloverfield, distric 9, war of the world (even it had major cons). and in the near future i can't wait to see monsters and super8.

  2. @Vardamir: Yep, I totally agree with you. Everything is rip-off from another famous alien’s movie. What they showed here, only their capability on Special Effects and that’s all. Btw, you should add your upcoming alien’s movies list, beside “Super 8”, you also have to anticipate “Battle: Los Angeles”, the method is a faked-semi-reality (like in “Cloverfield”) but on more point of views. Watch it, pal ^^

  3. This is easily the worst movie I've seen this year. It's saying something when the writing is so bad that even an end-of-the-world alien invasion can't stop boring you senseless.