Mar 6, 2012


First of all, I have to warn you that thiz movie is not for everyone. I imagine if you are forty-something people or someone who recently has a relaxing mood, thiz movie could be a surprising one. Me myself, incidentally was in the second category. I went to watch thiz movie with nothing to expect. But you know what? Thiz movie happens to slap me on my face. Big time! Wow… The Actor performances, the landscape, the instrumental music are undoubtedly splendid. The narrative is unusual but gripping. Set in Hawaii, Matt King (George Clooney) a lawyer and land baron grieves his wife, who lies in a coma. Now, King has to reunite his dysfunctional family back together again in thiz difficult situation. His alienated relationship with the two daughters is about to change. Not to mention, He discovers that his wife was having an affair with someone at the time of her accident. At a glimpse, Thiz is difficult story to tell, but simultaneously it has been well executed. The Director is Alexander Payne, the man behind “About Schmidt (2002) and “Sideways” (2004). The teen daughter is played by Shailene Woodley and the younger daughter is played by Amara Miller. Both can bring their characters proportionally. These two characters are central to the story. The success of building the atmosphere depends on these two performers. The supporting Cast members like Nick Krause, Matthew Lilliard, Beau Bridges and others are also in fine condition. Nevertheless, the man who raises thiz drama to another higher level, none other than George Clooney himself! One more time, he can carry his one-man-show brilliantly. Look at his expression and body language in the middle of several awkward situations. How he has to approach his trouble daughter. How he has to react when he finds out his wife’s affair. How he has to confront the man who has an affair with his wife. It’s so interesting to watch his reaction to deal with the difficult circumstances. The most unforgettable scene would be when he has just discovered his wife affair from his daughter. King spontaneously runs to his relative’s house to ask more about the affair. The run is long and by feet, that little step of Clooney will be one of most iconic moments of his career as an Actor. His facial expression is definitely unforgettable.

Stars : 7,5/10
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