Apr 10, 2010


Thiz movie is a remake from the original version in 1981 which was still using stop motion techniques. Now on CGI era, “Clash of the Titans” is resurrected back to live. Perseus used to play by Harry Hamlin, now is replaced by Sam Worthington. The Director is Louis Leterrier, the creator of “The Transporter” (2002) and “Incredible Hulk” (2008). I note that there are three mega actions which is giant scorpion battle, Medusa hunt and the unleashed kraken scene. The Special Effects work just fine. But for the close up fight scenes, the camera doesn’t seem to focus and too fast, we even don’t know what is really going on. The dialogue is a little bit lame and lack of interlude humor. The two opposite titans, the heaven king Zeus and the dark lord Hades are played very well by Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. However, I like the Gods gathering at Mount Olympus as shown in thiz film. It is better and way beyond of what we have seen previously in ”Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” (2010) which is also based on Greek mythology. My school teacher used to say, “Sometimes what we saw in movie-trailer is what we saw in entire movie.” It really happens to thiz film. It’s not the best of Worthington, comparing to his latest performances in “Terminator Salvation” (2009) and the ground-breaking ”Avatar” (2009). There is emptiness during his appearance in thiz movie. Anyhow, I think we will see more of his movies in the coming years. Thiz man could be a new Schwarzenegger. It looks like we’ve got a new titan in Hollywood.

Stars : 6,5/10
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