Jan 10, 2011


What will you do? When Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie have finally met in one screen? Well, you get in line for a ticket! Mysterious plots, an exotic city of Venice and promising Director as well, everything looks just fine, what could go wrong? But unfortunately, what you are about to experience is no other than “Being a tourist and eventually get misguided”. The movie is based on Luc Besson and Sophie Marceau movie entitled “Anthony Zimmer” in 2004. An American tourist Frank is approached by a mysterious girl Elise (who can deny the beautiful girl like Angelina Jolie anyway, can’t you?) in a train on a journey to Venice, Italy. In the beginning, Elise has a hidden intention to use Frank as a decoy from the hunt of police and Russian mafia. Now everyone thinks Franks is her long-lost fugitive lover and intelligent thief, Alexander Pearce. Actually, the basic material is very promising with some twists and turns in development. But in the process, they could not get a precise romantic atmosphere. The interaction between the two main characters is stiff and awkward. Frankly says, there is no chemistry here. Even though, Johnny Depp has always been my No. 1 favorite Actor (I have all of his movies. All!) but unfortunately in thiz movie he looks too childish to be next to Jolie. You can see there is still a little bit of Captain Jack Sparrow in Depp’s character. He looks charming, but most of the times he becomes so uncomfortably clumsy and lazy. On the other side, for me Jolie more looks like “A supermodel walking throughout her catwalk”. Yes, with the smile like that and her sharp eye gaze, beautiful elegant dresses, who can resist the whole eye candy package. But I have to say, it could be the most boring appearance of Angelina Jolie of all-time. What she does here just keep smiling all the time, without doing exploration for her character. Jolie is doing what I called “Robotic Performance”. Too much smile, too much pride, and too much eyelashes. A better performance comes from Paul Bettany as inspector John. The other Supporting Cast members are Timothy Dalton, Rufus Sewell and the memorable one Reginald Shaw who is very convincing as a Russian mobster boss named Berkoff. The Director of thiz movie is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. I find myself enjoying his latest creation a lot more which is one of respectable German movies in 2006, “The Lives of Others”. It’s supposed to be “Ravishing”, but instead it happens to be “Ravenous”. In the end, if you came to the theater to see some good-looking faces. Well… You were part of the plan!

Stars : 5,5/10
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  1. I must join you in saying that the role of Paul Bettany as Inspector John was the only one that really looks good in this film. Especially the scene at the end where he tells Depp (Frank) that he is on to him.

  2. Yes, indeed. Bettany is a fine Actor that deserves more chance.

    Btw, do you own "moviesplanet" website? nice one though. Thanks for visiting again.

  3. The plot is unpredictable. My mom can predict it precisely, but I don't believe it. In the end, it's perfectly match with my mom's deduction.

  4. @Reynard: Yeah, I also could predict it at the first place, especially when Bettany mocks Johnny Depp in a interrogation. Thanks for visiting my blog :)