Jul 30, 2010


Have you ever seen Mickey Mouse’s “Fantasia” in 2000? Thiz movie is meant to be the live action version of “Fantasia”. The character of Mickey Mouse is replaced by nerd character specialist Jay Baruchel as Dave. And his master is played by Nicolas Cage as Balthazar. The famous scene from “Fantasia”, when the apprentice works his imperfect spell to command all brooms and mops to do some cleaning jobs is the only homage to original version, along with its original Score theme. Besides that, you are about to see an hour and half of “Cartoon”. The jokes are still funny but the story is completely predictable and fully anticipated. Everyone seems to be drawn into giant vortex of comic character without exception, including Nic Cage, Alfred Molina, Toby Kebbell and Monica Bellucci. The only fresh appearance is made by new gorgeous face Teresa Palmer as Dave’s girlfriend. The magical battles seem to take place in some iconic images in New York, like Bronze Charging Bull in front of Wall Street and the Giant Iron Eagle which perches on one of the famous buildings. The Director Jon Turteltaub has tangled into CGI festival which puts aside a lot of factors in the story and characters developments. Thiz “National Treasure” (2004) is not a “Phenomenon” (1996), the movie could still be running “While You Were Sleeping” (1995). I shortly describe it as Special Effects exhibition which is trapped inside the Cage. It’s NOT the coolest job ever!

Stars : 5/10
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