Feb 1, 2011


Raise the curtain! Before heading to watch thiz movie, I already had my own imagination about how the story would look like, I thought maybe it revolved around a countryside girl who was about to try her luck to chase her dream in a big city (eventually the city is Los Angeles and the girl’s name is Ali which is played by Christina Aguilera), maybe she would start from a cloistered but extraordinary nite club (apparently it named Burlesque), maybe she would have a tough beginning for her career and there would be such a mentor for her (I talk about Cher), maybe she was going to meet her love interest, a pretty boy with an attitude (I talk about Cam Gigandet), or maybe she would be forced to quarrel with her envious evil colleague as well (I talk about Kristen Bell). And for the ending I don’t have to explain, I give it to you to figure it out yourself, I am pretty sure that you have already know the ending as well, and you are right! In the tradition of “Coyote Ugly” (2000) and Rob Marshall’s movies such as “Chicago” (2002) and ”Nine” (2009), here it comes a new breed of the genre. The movie is second directing effort after “Glass House: The Good Mother” (2006) by former child star of “The Goonies” (1985), Steve Antin. Thiz Ali’s character is obviously made for Aguilera, it’s like let a fish swims freely into the sea. It flows naturally. Cher is a legendary music icon who makes one dimensional impression, there is no specific chemistry with other Cast members, she seems to be talking to herself. Cam Gigandet, after seeing his macho performance previously in “Never Back Down” (2008), thiz time he plays more easy-going and fun role. But the worst of the worst is Kristen Bell who delivers a horrible nightmare performance, it’s not convincing at all as Ali’s competitor. Better performances come from Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane and Allan Cumming. Forget about the Actors, the film once again is an Aguilera’s playground. Her powerful voice covers up all the flaws. The opening song “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” is my favorite with gratifying 1970s Rock ‘n’ Roll tune. With all those fabulous songs, it comes to my mind why there isn’t one single duet song from these two world class performers. Anyway, the dancing and cabaret performances are splendid. Aguilera’s performance is very hypnotic and spectacular. In fact, who doesn’t want to pay small nite club’s cheap ticket that there is a performance from Christina Aguilera. Hello? It is Christina Aguilera on the stage! The story is predictable and the conflict is cliché. It doesn’t look like a movie after all. By the way, I didn’t come home from a movie. I had just come home from Christina Aguilera’s concert. And I am happy! ^_^

Stars : 6,5/10
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