Dec 6, 2010


Denzel again! Tony Scott again! And train again? The Director Tony Scott must be so curious about thiz train thing. Just last year, Scott urged Denzel Washington into the train robbery for “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” with John Travolta. Now, he brings up a true event in 2001, when unmanned raging train that carries tons of toxic chemical sliding wildly out of control without air brake and it is totally unstoppable. I have to say, thiz movie has a very good storytelling. It reminds me of how old time action movies pump up our adrenaline where the event occurs only in a few hours long, just like in “Die Hard” (1988) or “Speed” (1994). Tony Scott who is the brother of Ridley Scott (also Director) always knows how to make a precise recipe for a good action movie. If you want to search for drama, Ridley is the man. But if you want to experience some good actions, you find Tony, like what he did in “Top Gun” (1986) and my favorite crime thriller “True Romance” (1993). It starts slow with problematic introduction, and then as the train goes faster, the tension goes greater as well. Scott pins down a suitable direction for each of its technical aspects. The sounds are so rich and realistic, you can actually feel the threaten train is chugging and rushing in front of your seat. And the hand -shake camera simply drags you into center of the situation and forces you to think along how to solve the complication. The camera work and movement is really effective and outstanding. Going to the same direction, all Cast members are in good shape. Everyone can deliver a believable working class presentation. The costume and makeup support that completely. It seems to me, it is a piece of cake for Denzel to merge into thiz kind of movie. And our Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine can eventually bring balance into their interaction. Rosario Dawson also shows significant existence for her supporting role. Maybe the story has been exaggerated and dramatized to make it more interesting. Like it or not, Scott has created one great vessel of effective high-octane action with his own way. Like in the movie, the train company’s executive once said, “It is my train! It is my decision!”

Stars : 7/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Thiz ain't training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed."

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  1. This is a FANTASTIC ACTION MOVIE. Two thumbs up from me! I'm going back to see it again. The director did great job..hats off ! really enjoyable movie !!