Jul 9, 2010


Thiz movie is phenomenal. A lot of movie critics sneer at thiz romantic flick. But on thiz review, I want to stay neutral and try to be objective. If you want to be fair, whoever the Director or the Cast members will be getting a hard time to fulfil viewer great expectation since everyone pays full attention to thiz franchise. The original content is written by a woman novelist Stephenie Meyer. Twilight Saga schedules for quadrilogy. I think thiz third constellation is better than the second one, ”New Moon” (2009). But the first one “Twilight” (2008) is still the best because of its mysterious atmosphere and effective introduction by former Director Catherine Hardwicke. Thiz time, The Director is David Slade who is previously known for “30 Days of Night” in 2007. Thiz sequel has a better pace of storytelling. Although some people said the sequences are a little bit slow and boring. But I think if you want to get some precise romantic scenes, thiz is the only way to do it. Slade successfully captures the emotions for most of the times with his close up cinematography. If we look at the main performers, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) do not show much improvement than before. The better performance belongs to Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) with his deep eye gaze. The best performance surprisingly comes from the supporting Cast member Dakota Fanning as Jane, one of the Volturi members. With her accent tone and body language, Fanning makes an incredible vampire’s aura. The blood-thirsty Jasper’s character (Jackson Rathbone) annoys me a little bit. His character evolves too much. In two earlier prequels he was almost invisible, but on thiz third one he has changed dramatically to become tough vampire warrior. I observe, Thiz is an odd movie, where girls love it and boys hate it. I hope they didn’t come to the theater just to see some good-looking faces (I’m saying thiz, it’s not because I’m a Twilighater). On the other hand, if you look inside, no matter how corny the movie is, it still has a story to tell (I’m saying thiz, it’s not because my close friend is Twilighter). The formula is repeated quite well, shirtless werewolf plus very cool vampire plus girl who can’t even made up her mind, equal to movie that totally twilight us.

Stars : 5,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever."


  1. First of all, I don't think every girl is a Twilight lover. I'm a girl and I don't love it. yep, I'm a Twilighater :p

    Anw, I can't agree more that this one is way better than New Moon. New Moon and all the I'll-die-if-you-gone thing made me puke!!
    well, if New Moon is cheesy, Eclipse is greedy. I mean, hello Bella, you can't have 2 boyfriends! so why don't you just go sucking blood and give my werewolf back?! lol

    anw, keep posting bro.. ;)
    great work you have here!
    oh, how I miss XXI's ticket price :(

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  3. Well, another words from Twilighater :p

    I recommend you to read the book, maybe you can find something more interesting. The book had always been better than the movie though..

    Yeah, get back when holiday.. and watch many as you like, my cousin.. hehe..

  4. a friend of mine read the first book and said it was rubbish lol
    well, another friend of mine is a Twilight lover and she has a complete collection of the books, so maybe I'll borrow them to see if it's really rubbish. I'm jobless anyway.. XD

    I've graduated >.<
    so there'll be no more holiday for me..
    I'm looking for a job now..
    wish me luck ;p