Nov 14, 2009


When I first went to watch “August Rush”, I thought I had to check thiz out just because it’s one of the musical movies (Recently, I have seen many and I’m kind of enamored of those musical movies). At the end of the movie, I realize thiz movie is so full-hearted. The story is very simple but strong, I always appreciate simple movie that can express a lot. It’s a story about a boy who’s eager to find his origin and meaning of his presence. Thiz boy is natural born talent in music, just like his father and mother who are talented musicians. It’s all about music. It’s told beautifully, the plot has some flashback moments. But don’t worry you will not be confused by its method of storytelling. It's directed by woman Director, Kirsten Sheridan. The wonder boy Freddie Highmore performs impressively with his innocent charisma. I think Highmore is definitely lucky to always get involved in some memorable movies. Another Actor who performs a significant role in thiz movie is Jonathan Rhys Myers. He is very lovable, his role as a rock star makes him looks cool. About the ending (Spoiler Alert!), the movie ends with the scene when his father and mother has finally met after many years. And not long after that, they find their boy in a concert stage as well, performs as conductor in an orchestra. The boy doesn’t even know his parents have been watching him. And the movie just ends that way. I very much understand that is the perfect ending, that scene describes with beautiful and elegant way. It shows the meaning of hope could be better from now on. It’s a very strong description. Superb.

Stars : 8/10
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