Apr 30, 2010


Thiz movie has become a wake-up call for me! It’s a heartwarming movie. Oh, it makes us to realize how precious every moment in our life. How lucky we have been, rather than complaining tiny meaningless things. It’s well directed by Nick Cassavetes. Cassavetes is a former Actor who becomes more talented in directing movies. He is the man behind “The Notebook” (2004). His deep comprehension understanding about human heart is really useful for thiz movie. The story is about Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) who has been suffered from leukemia since a baby. Her dependence from her younger sister Anna (Abigail Breslin) has been going on for years because of their medical match. The illness becomes a major burden and also a hidden blessing at the same time to reunite the family stronger than ever. All Cast members succesfully fill their role. I always said to myself since “Little Miss Sunshine” (2006) that Abigail Breslin is a great young Actress. With the age like that, we could see the quality of young Jodie Foster is reborn, just like in her first appearance in “Taxi Driver” (1976). Cameron Diaz is not just good-looking but always made an impressive performance when she is involved in indie or small movie like thiz, last time I have seen thiz similar quality in “Being John Malkovich” (1999). Diaz successfully brings a firm mother character. The father also is played convincingly by Jason Patric. The scene stealer performance is made by Thomas Dekker as Kate’s boyfriend. The narration, mute dialogue, slow motion scene, the Score and Soundtracks really blend us into our deepest sympathy. There are so many touching scenes in thiz movie. The one that really tears me down is the scene of the last wish of Kate. Kate simply just wishes to go to the beach, her dad grants her request, but her mom doesn’t. Her mom gets into an argument with her dad about whether or not to grant her wish, considering her critical health. However, later her dad decides to take her anyway. But not long after, her mom comes to join them. Her mom hugs her dad, Kate claps her hands. The scene describes beautifully when Kate enjoys her last moment with her whole family on the evening wave in the beach with background song “Feels Like Home” by Edwina Hayes. It’s a simple and powerful scene. It really stabs and takes out all the emotions from our heart.

Stars : 8,5/10
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