Jul 19, 2010


The original “Predator” in 1987 is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary movies. Now, they try to extend the saga into a new chapter, in “Predators” with the extra word ‘S’ that is expected to be multiplied in all aspects (I guess). But what I see from thiz new constellation is just a movie with a repetitive formula and setting. The formula is still a typical mysterious introduction to the creatures what we called Predators and how a group of soldiers die one by one, until the last victim. The setting is still in a tropical jungle, exactly what we have seen in Schwarzenegger’s version. Thiz one is officially the third Predator movies since the first “Predator” in 1987 and “Predator 2” in 1990, plus two spin-off when Predators clash with the Aliens (another iconic Hollywood creatures) in “AVP” (2004) and “AVP 2: Requiem” (2007). Unfortunately, I can almost say that thiz one could easily fall into B-Class movie with B-Class Actors such as Alice Braga, Topher Grace and others. The only exception (of course) is on Adrien Brody’s performance, his attempt to become action hero must put as a great credit itself. Brody is success to build his body and delivers some fierce hero attitude through his accent and voice characteristic. The other brief but convincing appearance made by Laurence Fishburne. I went to watch thiz movie because I wanted to see what could the Director Nimrod Antal offers for his next project, since his latest movie “Vacancy” (2008) successfully provides an intriguing and effective thriller. In thiz Predator movie, Antal doesn’t make a new innovation. In fact, he brings many copy-paste elements from the first original movie. I’m afraid if they keep doing thiz without any significant innovation, they might have killed Predators forever.

Stars : 4,5/10
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  1. Great adventurous movie. I watched snippets for this movie. Quite impressive one. I am very curious about this film and watch it soon :))