Jun 13, 2012


Thiz “Battleship” is loaded with lots of missiles. It means that thiz movie is full of explosive action scenes. I notice that most of today’s movies have shown too much of its elements of surprise on the trailer to attract more audience. Oftentimes, it even happens like I have said before, “Sometimes what we saw in movie-trailer is what we saw in entire movie.” But don’t worry about that, it doesn’t apply to thiz movie. Thiz movie saves many super actions to make you stay put in your seat for two hours duration. The story revolves around the encounter of the US Navy’s warships and its allies with the mysterious alien mothership on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean. The biggest naval battle in history is about to begin. The sound effects are superb. Every boom and every bang from the ship’s cannon is just like dragging us into the middle of battle. Practically, thiz movie doesn’t even leave us a single breathing space since the first appearance of the alien. The next thing I know, the suspense is taut and it moves forward at a steady pace. The diversity of the Cast members is fascinating. I can undoubtedly say that Taylor Kitsch is on his way to becoming a massive star. Definitely, there’s something attractive behind his charismatic presence. Thiz is his second big-budget movie after "John Carter" (2012). Other performers worth mentioning are Brooklyn Decker who can be sexy and tough at the same time, Liam Neeson who delivers a brief but memorable performance, the famous pop singer Rihanna who makes a surprising debut, and not to be forgotten, an outstanding appearance from a real-life veteran Lieutenant Colonel Gregory D. Gadson as the Mike Tyson look-alike legless soldier named Mick Canales. In the middle of the movie, I almost thought that thiz movie was directed by Michael Bay, but with more freshness. Mr. Bay, I think you’ve finally got the perfect successor for your mega action brainless movies, the name is Peter Berg. Peter Berg is an Actor-Director who directed other fun action movies like “The Rundown” (2003), “The Kingdom” (2007) and Will Smith’s vigilante superhero “Hancock” (2008). Two dominant characters are Hopper and Nagata who quickly remind me of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock’s figures in “Star Trek” (1966-1969). Nagata which is played by Tadanobu Asano makes a perfect tandem role with Hopper. I have to say, it’s very nice to see America and Japan side by side in a battlefield. But something philosophical tickles me. If you have the greatest weapon on earth and you feel obligated to seize other potential lethal weapons from the other sides in the name of peace. That seems like a good idea. Now, what if… What if there is a new weapon more powerful than yours. Do you still think that is a good idea?

Stars : 7,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

“Saving the world is one thing, Hopper! My daughter is quite another.”

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