Apr 24, 2010


A simple love story is brought from Thailand. It’s easy-watching and close to most Asian viewers. Mei li (Sirin Horwang) is a thirty-something woman who suddenly feels so lonely in her life after her friend’s marriage. In that brief moment, coincidentally she finds someone who later becomes so special. We know Thailand is one of the productive horror makers. The reason we watch thiz movie, if we want to feel different kind of atmospheres. The movie is directed by Adisorn Tresirikasem. Actually thiz movie is kind of girly but it’s entertaining enough for all viewers. The drama is light and funny. Some of the scenes are hilarious because they makes it so comical, even in some parts are too comical. I’m not saying thiz romantic comedy is special. The chemistry between two main characters is sufficient enough to bring some romantic moods. The man character, Theeradej Wongpuapan is cold and stiff. It’s not the best performance. The girl character by Sirin Horwang is way better. Occasionally, she can act comical very well. There is an exciting cat and mouse game which is played by both of them and quite interesting. In one of the ending scenes (Spoiler Alert!), the girl receives a box from the man character. When she opens the box, it consists of memorable things that the girl had accidentally broken from their early experience. Each of those broken things (such as camera, sunglasses, etc.) reminds her of every moment they had ever spent together. It‘s just so true, I think how we can appreciate our true love, if our heart have never been broken? ^_^

Stars : 5,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"But we got to see the stars during the day time. Isn't it romantic?"


  1. Halo kk,
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  2. I must admit that I was very much curious about this movie but the film was not as good as I guessed. I was very much disappointed with it and never wish to watch it again.