Mar 16, 2011


There are only two reasons that make you go to watch thiz movie. First because of the sensational movie ”Black Swan” (2010), you want to see Natalie Portman again! Or else, you are one of those who think Ashton Kutcher is cute! The story follows Adam (Kutcher) and Emma (Portman) who have been friends since childhood. Somehow they agree to use each other for physical reason which is sex! It’s exactly what Anne Hathaway did with Jake Gyllenhaal recently in “Love and Other Drugs” (2010). Initially they want sex, but in the process they find something more special. Kutcher provides fun and easy-going character. On the other hand, Portman delivers a balancing act to their interaction. It’s good, not bad at all for sure, but it’s like using a big bazooka to kill a little bird, completely waste of talent. There are some memorable appearances, especially from Lake Bell as Lucy, Mindy Kaling as Shira and Kevin Kline as Adam’s dad who likes to date his son ex-girlfriends. The movie comes from the Director who is the father of “Ghostbusters” (1984) and Arnie’s “Kindergarten Cop” (1990). The fun factor is still on the air for about half hour at the beginning, we could still feel the excitement, after that the movie becomes never-ending boredom. In my note, what happens to today's modern rom-coms is almost impossible to make a movie without raising the gay issue. For example in thiz movie, one of Portman’s best friends is gay and so with the gay parents of Kutcher’s best friend. Another factor that occurs to most of modern rom-coms lately is also the using of vulgar words and atrocious dialogue, it’s totally unbearable including thiz one. By the way, if you come to see Portman on being naked in the first place. Well, instead of that, you will get naked body of Kutcher! Yuck! It’s pretty ugly for the one who expects more. It’s just like in Marionette show, it will fall when no strings attached.

Stars : 5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"We're sluts, Emma! We're dirty dirty sluts!"

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