Jun 5, 2012


The movie begins with a woman teacher speaks in front of her class, “Today, I want to make a confession. My daughter had recently passed away but it was no accident. She was killed by students from thiz class!” One thing is for sure, the movie starts with a very interesting premise. I went to see thiz movie without any expectation and then boom! In the end, I found that thiz movie is one jaw-dropping psychological thriller. The movie is divided into several chapters, each of which tells from perspective of different character, like the teacher, student’s mother, murderer A, murderer B and so on. We are able to see into the mind of each character, what is the motive, the secret and finally the shocking twist. The woman teacher is played by Takako Matsu. Matsu can deliver a strong cold-blooded impression. The two suspects are played by Yukito Nishii and Kaoru Fujiwara. Although, both are still very young, they can create believable figures and definitely not corny or shallow. The other Cast members are Ai Hashimoto, Yoshiteru Terada and Yoshino Kimura. The movie is directed by one of today’s respectable Japanese Directors Tetsuya Nakashima. He is widely recognized for “Kamikaze Girls” (2004), “Memories of Matsuko” (2006) and “Paco and the Magical Book” (2008). Something surely gets my attention. Thiz movie has a peculiar approach to storytelling. The Director Tetsuya Nakashima definitely has his own style. Sometimes he gives a bit of flashback image. Another time, he describes an event with a very strange slow motion sequence. The slow motion sequence looks so elegant yet realistic. Substantively, thiz is a movie with most of the scenes takes place in a school, there’s really nothing special about the venue. But in Nakashima’s hand, everything looks completely different. The cinematography is gorgeous and beautiful. It surely leaves a very deep mark. Apparently, thiz movie also intends to teach us a lesson about life. When we can see what the motive behind every action and consequence, at that time we come to realize that no one should be labeled suspect. In fact, everybody is just a victim.

Stars : 8/10
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Jonny Fendi

"I'm going to give you one final, very important lesson. Life."


  1. One of the best films of 2010, the twist is sick! lol

  2. Yeah, they have more than one twists at the end. So brilliant sick indeed. :)

  3. Anonymous7:30:00 PM

    where can i watch this?please give me a link.