Jan 21, 2011

127 HOURS (2010)

The movie is based on an autobiography book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (2004) by Aron Ralston, and you can see the movie title is “127 Hours”. Without tell you any further, you can conclude yourself, he would survive after all, right? The golden question will be how did he survive? British Director, Danny Boyle is one of my favorite Directors of all-time, I note he is always good with the number on his movie titles such as “28 Days Later..” (2002) and “Millions” (2004). After telling an inspiring story in India through ”Slumdog Millionaire” (2008), he takes us back to the United States. The incident occurred at Blue john Canyon (the Utah desert) where solitary mountaineer Aron Ralston fell into a canyon and being trapped under a boulder. Aron is played by James Franco. The movie starts with an energetic mood and spirit, plus stylish split screen and exhilarating music as well. As long as I remember, Boyle always could make an enjoyable adventure experience with his vigorously music, and thiz time he does it either. James Franco takes on responsibility for his one-man-show very well. My favorite act is when he imitates the host of “Morning Live Show’ and pretends to interview himself. He is very convincing by delivering nail-biting and captivating performances all at once, just like what Ryan Reynold did recently when he was being “Buried” (2010). Once again, Boyle shows his capability of capturing human despair by mixing hallucination scenes and flashback sequences. Overall, it was 8 minutes of great music and 1 hour 27 minutes of pure thrills. In the end, I can assure you that Aron’s experience is not simple as you think. When you are being trapped like him, it’s just okay if you know you are going to survive in 127 hours ahead, maybe you can manage something to get through of that. But the real situation is not that simple, Aron didn’t know for how long he would be stuck in there or even whether or not he was going to survive in that moment. Last time, Danny Boyle introduced us the exotic of Phi Phi Leh Island (near Phuket , Thailand) through “The Beach” (2000). After that movie, thousands of people crowded that place. Thiz time, Boyle shows us the beauty of Utah Canyon, I ‘m pretty sure people will go there as well. Can’t wait what place he will take us next time. For precaution, before you go please tell someone where you will be going ^_^

Stars : 7,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Hey there, Aron! Is it true that you didn't tell anyone where you were going?"

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  1. 127 Hours is not just a film – it is an experience. It is only in limited release now, but I can only hope that audiences everywhere will get the opportunity to see the movie.