Oct 14, 2010


Previously, I was so curious to see thiz movie because I thought it would be a great disaster movie. But in the end, I realize thiz is more than that, it’s a miraculous humane drama! It’s not the Special Effects that make thiz movie special, but the story itself which is so powerful. It is brought up from a novel which is written by Zhang Ling. It tells about a life of simple family with twin children, one boy and one daughter. 1976 Tangshan earthquake had killed the father, and the wife had to choose one of her children, when both of them were unfortunately trapped under concrete slab, by moving the slab would simply killed one of her children. The mother who was under necessity, chose to save the boy in emergency situation. What she doesn’t know later that the girl is still alive and being adopted by other generous couple. Will thiz family reunite again? The cinematography in the opening scene and over about 30 minutes in the beginning is quietly astounding, but the rest later is just ordinary. Once again, the power of thiz movie is in the story. The brief performance by Zifeng Zhang as the daughter (when a little girl) is believable and memorable, just like what we see on the movie poster. The grown up girl is played by JIngchu Zhang also delivers an impressive performance. The mother figure is delivered successfully by Fan Xu, who is also a real-life wife of the Director Xiaogang Feng. Feng himself is previously known for a small role as an Actor in “Kung Fu Hustle” (2004). One of his directing credits is “The Banquet” in 2006. The other Cast members are Daoming Chen, Chen Li and Yi Lu. “Aftershock” is a well-crafted heart wrenching tragedy based on a real event. It is also a great memorial to 240.000 victims. 1976 Tangshan earthquake really draws our attention more than ever. I think in these last couple of years, China has brought a lot of efforts to build a new image of their country throughout cinema world. And they seem to be success so far, like what we saw previously in patriotic and historical movies like “Sunrise over Tiananmen Square” (2008), “City of Life and Death” (2009), “The Founding of a Republic” (2009) and many more. They are writing their history.

Stars : 7,5/10
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