May 23, 2010

IP MAN 2 (2010)

Donnie Yen is back with some killing moves! Ip Man (Yip Man) was well known as Bruce Lee’s martial arts master. Although, it’s based on a real character, but it is not based on true event or story (sorry for Ip Man’s fans, to let you down by knowing thiz). Real Ip man was a quiet and peaceful person during his lifetime. His profession mostly was a policeman. He never fought aggressively against Japan occupation in World War II and never challenged western boxer into the match. Ip Man was purely a practitioner of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is martial arts discipline involves short range attack and defense. I heard that Wing Chun was invented by Shaolin Nun and later has evolved to become Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee. Despite all of those facts, thiz is a great sequel. The movie is directed by Wilson Yip Wai Shun, the man behind “Dragon Tiger Gate” (2006) and “Flash Point” (2007). Compare to the first one, thiz sequel consists of simpler plots. The story is typical cliché. After Japan occupation, Ip Man and family exile to Hongkong. He opens martial arts school there, having conflicts with other martial arts institutions and stand up for his pride. The cinematography is astounding, even when on the fight scenes. The fight choreography is handled by an experienced Choreographer Sammo Hung Kam Bo (also appears as Actor). Camera angles and sound effects are supporting each other. As it seems to me on the fight scenes, they use “Matrix Fight Formula”, just like we have seen in ”The Matrix” (1999). Every time when the fight begins, the Score will be beating at the same time. And when the fight puts to rest for a moment, the Score also adjusts into slow beat. For the final fight, when the western boxer named Twister (Darren Shahlavi) finally is defeated by Ip Man, all spectators cheer after his victory. That scene is so powerful. In that very moment, it gives you goosebumps, we could feel the same euphoria like we have seen in “Rocky” (1976). There are three China’s martial arts icons of all-time, the late Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The interesting part is all of them have ever played on the movie entitled “Fist of Fury”. The first “Fist of Fury” (1972) was originally played by Bruce Lee, on that same movie young Jackie Chan was involved as one of the stunt extras. In 1994, Jet Li starred in a new version entitled “Fist of Legend”. Although, Donnie Yen himself ever starred for TV series version in 1995, he will back again in “Fist of Fury: The Legend of Chen Zhen” (2010). Thiz time will be his historical recognition as the next generation of martial arts icon.

Stars : 7,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Master, you really can fight ten men at once."


  1. Sebenarnya sih, gua uda tau Donnie Yen dari dulu, dari jaman In the Line of Duty 4 (di Indonesia beredar dengan judul black protector 4). Gayanya yang cepat dan tangkas sudah terlihat. Dan memang semua director atau fighting coreographer sudah mengetahui gaya kungfunya yang cepat. Terutama Yuen Wo Ping. Memang sudah waktunya Donnie Yen berkiprah setelah teman2 sejawatnya hijrah ke Hollywood.

  2. Setuju bgt, Bang Mupi. Aku juga masih inget Donnie Yen maen jadi Chen Zhen di TV series. Dan Aku juga selalu suka sama Yuen Woo Ping apalagi dia yg jadi Martial Choreographer nya ^^

    Kayaknya Bang Mupi jago soal film2 mandarin dech =)