Apr 1, 2012


Five! Well, since the five early minutes, thiz movie has already set up the sharp action pace. It doesn’t waste your time any longer. It takes you directly to the center of the story. How a desperate man steps out on a ledge of Manhattan Hotel to commit suicide. Why, what and who are told by flashback storytelling. Four! There are four key characters. First, Sam Worthington is the man on a ledge himself. Yes, we still hear his Australian accent, but it doesn’t matter. He delivers a good and believable presence. We will be sweating along every time he moves around on the thin edge of the building. Elizabeth Banks is the police negotiator who interferes in thiz circumstance. Jamie “Tintin” Bell is the brother who conducts a heist on next building, with his sexy girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez). And Ed Harris is a powerful multi-billionaire who has a secret intention. It reminds me of those simple movies that keep you entertain until the last minute, just like in “Phone Booth” (2002), “Cellular” (2004), “Red Eye” (2005), you name it! I always love thiz kind of movie. Three! Yeah, there are three possibilities to end thiz situation. First, finally he doesn’t jump and the end. Second, he jump and the end, or there will be unthinkable surprise for the ending, one way or another. And yes, you know in your heart it won’t end so easily, there are lots of twists and turns waiting for you. You bet! The mystery will keep you guessing until the end. The movie is presented by first-time Director Asger Leth. Two! There are two reasons to watch thiz movie. First is Sam Worthington. Two years ago, I told everyone that someday thiz man will be a great iconic star. And hey, look now. It is the future! He sells the movie only by his name! People will easily cherish him, “Woo hoo, the man from ’Avatar’ (2009)”. Second, if you have watched the trailer before, I’m sure it would tickle your curiosity about what will happen next. One! Jump! Jump to thiz movie immediately, thiz movie is the one that you want to see.

Stars : 6,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

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