Nov 8, 2010

STEP UP 3D (2010)

I feel like I have just got home from a live concert, a good one! It gives you non-stop dance actions since the opening credits roll. There are three important things that make thiz movie looks awesome, brilliant choreography, explosive music and terrific funky costume. About the predecessor itself, the rising star Channing Tatum took the first step on “Step Up” in 2006 which was kind of conservative and boring. In 2008, Briana Evigan made a remarkable and memorable presence through “Step Up 2: The Streets”. The character of the previous movie, the skinny and curly kid Robert Alexander III or we can simply call him as Moose swings back into action with Luke (Rick Malambri) and Briana Evigan’s look-alike named Natalie (Sharni Vinson). Together, they team up with other passionate dancers, including the robotic dance master, Vladd (Chadd Smith) along with the incredible harmonious freestylers The Santiago Twins (Martin and Facundo Lombard) and many more. They called themselves Pirates, in order to compete in World Dance Jam contest. The Director is John M. Chu who also directed the 2nd movie. Let me summarize it for you, the storyline and conflicts are zero but the dance experience is top notch! I feel like I have been watching music video, we actually put aside the story and just enjoy the visual delight and great music, that’s it! That’s how we take advantage from thiz kind of genre. The dance scenes look wonderful, not just the choreography but also the camera movements and additional effects like splashing water, powder mist, neon outfits and many more. They try to push beyond the boundaries to a new creativity of dance revolution. I never talked about 3D aspect on my review before, but I have to say that thiz one could be the best 3D experience I have ever had since ”Avatar” (2009). I couldn’t help myself to watch over and over again, we can almost think that they’re not coming from thiz planet! They are totally “BFAB”! Simply Born From a Boombox!

Stars : 6,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Some people learn to dance... Others are born to."

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