Feb 26, 2012


Speechless... is one word to describe thiz movie. It has been proven that you don't need expensive Actors or famous Director to make a terrific movie. The movie is presented like an old time silent movie, it is black and white, almost no conversation and even was shot in the 1.33 : 1 aspect ratio. It takes place in 1927, when George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) was the king of silent movies. An unexpected encounter with the young and lovely rising star Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) takes him to the mutual delight adventure in film industry. Every Actor plays its role perfectly, main or supporting. Jean Dujardin performs a superb and flawless acting. His charisma is unquestionable central element. He’s got the eye gaze, the eyebrow raise, the eyelash flutter, the dancing, everything that knocks down the game entirely. His opposite love interest, Bérénice Bejo creates an equal presence. Maybe she's not the most of gorgeous blonde girl figures, but she is positively charming in every way. Other roles by John Goodman, Penelope Ann Miller and James Cromwell as a loyal butler and even the dog are proportionally fit as they need to be. The plot is perfectly told. Although it is a black and white silent movie, every minute that you spend, it will not make you bored at all. The selection of musical Score is vital. Music is the life of thiz movie. It flows up and down dynamically during the mood changing in every scene. The man behind the curtain is Michel Hazanavicius, the under radar and unknown Director takes the risk to do something completely different and it seems to be perfectly pay off. I have to say that the conflict issue is brilliant! It is a solid winning theme. If you are an Actor or someone who is involved in thiz industry, you will surely appreciate the message behind thiz movie. It is a Golden Gate that bridging the intergenerational gap. Silence is golden, my friend!

Stars : 8,5/10
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Jonny Fendi

"I won't talk! I won't say a word!"


  1. The Artist is a slam dunk to win the Best Picture Oscar. No question.

    I wish it were possible for animals to get Oscar nominations. In a perfect world, Uggie would be a lock for Best Supporting Actor.^^hehe

  2. I couldn't more agree. Thiz movie deserves The Oscar, and the Dog seems to be everybody's favorite. It could be historical! Thanks for visiting my blog, pal.