Mar 2, 2012


What did you expect when you were buying the ticket? To see Kate Beckinsale back in tight latex outfit? You got it! To see ferocious werewolf comes to live in latest Special Effects? You got it! Or to feast your eyes with more absurd gun fighting actions? You got it too! Concisely, if you are a true fan of thiz saga, you will not have a problem to watch thiz installment one more time. It’s another exact extension from the previous movies. But if you ask me, thiz movie is one of long excruciating experiences I have ever had. I mean please to be frankly honest, in every character of every scene in thiz movie, you may have some feelings about how many times you have ever seen these elements in other movies. They take a little from here and a little from that and then they put it together in one screen. It’s a boring copycat movie. Everything seems so cliche. “My Heart is not cold, it’s broken”. The duo Directors who are responsible for all of these are Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. Previously, they are known for “Shelter” in 2010. Kate Beckinsale’s performance as Selene has two opposite sides. On one side, she looks cool in some time. On the other side, she seems so frail and delicate. Meanwhile, the supporting Cast members like Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Theo James and India Eisley give typical mediocre performance. Selene the vampire knight has been fighting the lycans (werewolf) since the first “Underworld” (2003), “Underworld: Evolution” (2006) and one prequel “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” (2009). The mastermind behind thiz saga is Len Wiseman, the real life husband of Kate Beckinsale. Here is an interesting fact. In 2002, there was another couple had met and now they had become husband and wife as well. They are Milla Jovovich (Actress) and Paul W.S. Anderson (Director). They also made four installments of their own so far. It’s called “Resident Evil" (2002-2010). I have a bad hunch about thiz franchise itself. There is no doubt. Thiz “Underworld” franchise has become a successful gold mine for the filmmakers. They will keep awakening thiz franchise as long as money keeps coming. Making matters worse, the vampires do live long! It’s very clear. You don’t need the brain when you've got the gain.

Stars : 4/10
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Jonny Fendi

"I was with him one day, and when I awoke it was 12 years later."

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