Jan 6, 2010


Before thiz newest version, there were about 200 movies that brought Sherlock into the wide screen and more than 70 Actors had ever played thiz famous character. Sherlock Holmes is a well-known detective on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels (Which first time is published in 1887). Sherlock on thiz movie is Robert "Iron Man" Downey Jr., accompanied by his fellow sidekick DR. John Watson (Jude Law). The other Cast members are Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong. At a glance, Downey Jr. doesn't seem to care how to perform Sherlock authentically. Otherwise, he just acts naturally with his own style and just has fun with his version of Sherlock. As we know, Sherlock is a calm, discreet and charismatic person. But in the end, I think viewers will also agree to put aside the original Sherlock for a while, because thiz version is surprisingly enjoyable. In overall, the movie is entertaining enough and hilarious at the same time. The Director is Guy Ritchie. Ritchie is previously known as indie Director, his best works are "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998) and "Snatch" (2000). The storyline of thiz movie is kind of exciting at the beginning, a little lame in the middle, and it’s closed by an appropriate twist of ending. After watching thiz movie, it comes to my mind, Downey Jr’s version of Sherlock resembles with Will Smith’s "Wild Wild West" (1999). But we have to admit that thiz movie is way more mature. Here he comes, the funky Sherlock!

Stars : 6,5/10
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