Jul 1, 2010


Yes, Tom Cruise is a knight in shining armor. Yes, Cameron Diaz is still looking fresh in daylight. If you are looking for a movie that you can have fun with, thiz movie is definitely the one. It’s a typical Hollywood popcorn movie. The storyline is predictable, the sequence is easy-watching, the comedy is corny, the action is absurd and they rely much on charisma of two main performers, who in thiz case are Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Thiz is their second rendevouz since “Vanilla Sky” (2001) where the atmosphere was gloomy and serious, so people keep thinking how about to put them in another situation. We know Cruise is an extreme adrenaline junkie in real life with his motorcycle collection and extreme sport activities. Thiz movie is absolutely the perfect vessel for him to do what he always desires to do, for me thiz will be his trilogy extension of “Mission: Impossible” (1996-2006). Diaz is charming as always and could merge into anykind of character easily and she does it either thiz time. The most important thing, she looks like to have fun with her character, for me thiz will be her dwilogy extension of “Charlie’s Angels” (2000-2003). I have to say, even without any addition, “The Star Power” of these two main Cast members is very powerful. The Director is James Mangold, a talented drama Director just like he has shown in “Girl, Interrupted” (1999), “Identity” (2003) and “Walk the Line” (2005). In thiz opportunity, Mangold tries his luck in action movie like thiz. Most of the times, some people will say, ”Movie is for fun.” In that case, thiz movie provides an effective and entertaining element. The movie will make you forget how things happen, if you are one of the viewers who emphasizes fun factor as your needs. Well, just buy a ticket, buckle up and enjoy the ride. At least, thiz one will be one ride of roller coaster fun and that’s all!

Stars : 6/10
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Jonny Fendi

"Sometimes things happen for a reason."


  1. This is a bad movie, i have watched it and dont like it. Tom Cruise is all over the screen and the director very intense to shoot close up to tom's face.

  2. Well, like said: Thiz is just a popcorn movie.. You eat, you enjoy, and you dump it ^^
    Thanks for visiting..

  3. It is a funny and little spy movie....not much to see. I was bored during complete movie. It would be good if you watch this movie at home rather than going outside for big screen.