Dec 23, 2009


The main Cast of “Ninja Assassin” is a pop sensation from South Korea named Rain. I had doubt before I went to see thiz movie that Rain could performs convincingly in thiz kind of genre. The movie is directed by James Mc Teigue and supported by Wachowski Brothers (”The Matrix” {1999}). We remember Mc Teigue for his latest film “V for Vendetta” in 2005. In thiz newest feature, Mc Teigue improves his directing with more actions sequences. However, the actions have some weaknesses. The fight scenes are sometimes too fast and not focus. The only thing that I like on thiz movie is for the first time Ninja’s aura is revealed a lot better in Hollywood movie. Rain’s performance is not stable. In one scene he could be an unmerciful Ninja, but on the other scene he shown softer character. I remember at one scene, when Raizo (Rain’s character) is being watched on interrogation room. One of the authorities said, ”He doesn’t seem like a Ninja to me. He looks more like a boy band member.” Don’t blame him, guys! In real life, he is a boy band!

Stars : 5,5/10
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