Dec 12, 2010

TANGLED (2010)

I have a friend who asked me, “Is thiz movie worth watching?” I said, “Go and find out yourself. It is Disney, isn’t it?” Not every year, Disney introduces us to their new Princess. It is going to be a magical time of your life, get ready to be part of the history. Do you remember how wonderful is Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, Ariel the Little Mermaid, beautiful Belle and the Beast, Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan and last year’s Princess Tiana and her Frog”? It is the time! For long-haired Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) to get out from her hidden tower, to leave her ruthless mother Gothel and has some adventures along with her Prince, err.. I mean runaway bandit, Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi). It is also for the first time, Princess Rapunzel will face unfriendly outside world, but don’t worry, she’s got her frying pan to protect herself and escorted by a very cool chameleon, Pascal and the white horse with dog’s capability, Maximus. The song “When Will My Life Begin” reflects that great adventure spirit. The Directors are Nathan Greno and Byron Howard who have ever worked together in dog’s tale “Bolt” (2008). But I think the person who deserves high appreciation for bringing thiz German fairy tale comes to live is no other than Alan Menken. Menken is the regular Disney’s genius Composer who can always provide delightful classic elements into every piece of his magical music or Score. The storyline is so smooth and dynamic. Yeah it is predictable, but at least you could enjoy the joyful comedy, it is always fun to watch how Rapunzel and silly Flynn Rider tease each other. And even though without dialogue, the animal characters which are the chameleon Pascal and the horse Maximus perform successful funny slapstick. For the visual pleasure, the picture is beautifully rendered to a higher level, you will be amazed by how realistic each texture and detail it has been made, the hair, the grass bit by bit. The most powerful scene is “The Floating Lanterns Scene”, when finally Rapunzel and Flynn are in a boat right outside the castle, waiting for the glow flying lanterns to be released. In that romantic moment, you can feel the pure sincerity and so much loves between them through their innocence face expression and breathtaking interaction with the background song “I See the Light”. That scene simply gives you goosebumps and could easily bring happy tears in your eyes. It is very rare that there is a movie that could touch my heart. Thiz one is definitely the one. Usually, if someone asks me, “Who is your favorite Disney’s Princess?” Most of the times, I would answer, “Cinderella!” But after thiz movie, maybe I would give a different answer. By the way, I always love the girl with the long hair ^_^ Disney certainly knows best!

Stars : 8,5/10
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  1. Anonymous6:56:00 AM

    First of all : I do LOVE this movie :D
    Second of all Great review buddy !! You know I agree with you about The Floating lantern in the night. I know its animation but it is so romantic :)) Beside the scene when Rapunzel finally meet with her parents. It is really a touching moment.

    My fave character is Maximus and Pascal. They are really funny !! -Taufik-

  2. Yep, each character was an irresistible character. Glad to know you like it, definitely gonna win some awards next year.

    Thanks for visiting, Taufik =)

  3. It is worth seeing this movie on theater. There were some funny lines in the show that kids would not understand, but adults would enjoy. I heard a gentleman laughing throughout the whole show.