Mar 8, 2010


Finally, I went to see “Alice in Wonderland”, the movie that I had been waiting for such a long time. The tale is about 19-year-old Alice following the white rabbit, to find her destiny back to Wonderland that is now ruled by Red Queen. The movie is directed by Tim Burton, the man who specializes in eye candy and delight visualization. Thiz movie is the seventh collaboration with Johnny Depp as his main performer, after “Edward Scissorhands” (1990), “Ed Wood” (1994), “Sleepy Hollow” (1999), “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” (2005), “Corpse Bride” (2005) and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” (2007). His other masterpiece features are “Beetle Juice” (1988), “Batman” (1989) and “Big Fish” (2003). Thiz movie is supported by various Cast members like Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman and Mia Wasikowska as Alice. The most powerful performance in thiz movie is “Big Head” Red Queen character, which is played amazingly wicked and funny at the same time by Helena Bonham Carter (it’s about the same character on Lord Farquaad in first “Shrek” {2001}). Bonham Carter’s performance exceeds Depp’s appearance. Her existence saves the movie for overall. Besides that, I do not feel any emotions on thiz film, everything is flat. Actually, thiz movie isn’t supported by a good script. It could be the worst script that ever came to Tim Burton’s desk in these past twenty years of his career. Nevertheless, the visualization is A-Class. The story is an alternate version of the original “Alice in Wonderland” (written by Lewis Caroll). Thiz version doesn’t carry such a thrill and interesting plots. At the final scene (Spoiler Alert!), give Alice a sword and knight armor to slay a dragon? It’s definitely not a good option. The change is too radical, soft and tender Alice that is built from the beginning suddenly takes an incisive turn over. The flip over is so hard that possibly has become its own boomerang itself.

Stars : 6,5/10
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  1. horee pertamax

    Akhirnya ketemu juga sesama blogger yang hobi film :D

    Salam kenal dari Blogger baru yang kebetulan hobi film juga :)

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  2. You are welcome, pal. I have visiting your blog couple of times. Nice one though. Please keep your good work =)

  3. I left the movie theater and was confused. I did not know what to think or feel about this movie. It is not because I was amazed or "kicked" by it, it just left confusion and strange emotions.